How to Make Your Own Abstract Painting in 3 Easy Steps!


It might seem obvious how easy it is to make your own abstract painting, but remembering these 3 easy steps will make it even easier! Here we go…

Step 1:

Get a bunch of cheap paints from the dollar store, a cheap canvas and some brushes.

Step 2:

Lay out some newspapers or cardboard on the ground at home so you don’t accidentally get paint where you don’t want it, and put your canvas on top. Then, lay out all your paints with a cup of water to clean your brush.

Step 3:

Splatter paint all over the canvas and move them around with your brush, all the while pretending you’re a 3-year-old who’s has never painted before and have fun until the whole canvas is colored!

This has been my 3 easy tips for painting at home. I hope your finished product is a treasure!