Showcase #8: The Desktop Computer as Decoration

desktop computer as decoration

There’s a reason, I think, that when you peruse in IKEA that there will be fake computers on the computer shelves. Not only does it show you what the desk will look like when its in use, it looks better when it has a nice computer on it. Today I want to talk about the desktop computer as a piece of decoration in the home, not just a utility piece.

Computers are handy, of course, but there’s also a reason why people will spend more time choosing their computer case than they do their video card or power box. To clear it up, by desktop computer I mean a PC (personal computer) not a laptop or other device.

People often leave the screensavers on their computers when they’re not in use for that same reason – they look nice. It’s a piece of decoration in the home and although this may be a new realization to some people everyone computer geek should agree right away that they agree subconsciously. That’s why we hide our cords or upgrade their appeal, not only their hardware and software, when they get outdated.

It’s true, real décor is timeless while computers get outdated. But, that’s why some people collect old computers, too. keeping this in mind, then a PC should be considered a timeless piece of art as well.

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Showcase #3: Appliance Repair as an Art Form in Calgary

appliance repair

I had the honor of speaking with a reputable appliance technician in Calgary, Alberta, Canada over the holidays and he told me something special that I wish to showcase today. This is about off topic as our blog can get while still talking about decor because my friend from a Calgary appliance repair company talked about how fixing appliances is an art form. So get ready for an interesting discussion, on our fist post in the year 2020!

We’ve talked about appliances before, like in our showcase #1 when we talked about how a fridge can be a piece of art in the home. But we haven’t talked about appliance repair services per se. Hopefully this will be the only time, because I never thought such a topic could be interesting until my friend explained to me how it can be quite amazing to behold.

My friend has been fixing all kinds of appliances, everything from Samsung washers and dryers to Maytag dishwasher and more, for many years in Calgary and he’s found a way to make it an art, literally. This is how he does it, in 4 simple steps.

4 Steps to Turn Appliance Repair into Art!

  1. He gets the call and is dispatched to a residential home.
  2. He arrives, sets up a camera and begins his work.
  3. He fixes the appliance while his camera takes an automatic photo every 2 minutes.
  4. When he gets home, he finds the best picture and uses a digital painting program to render it into a work of art that gets printed onto a large canvas and then hung in his private gallery or sold to a client.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get permission to share one of his works of art because he has a lot of them that he’s hoping to sell, but I did get to see them with my own eyes when I visited his Calgary home. More on that in a second. He’s sold some of them already to clients across Canada who apparently love what this man does. Who would have thought than a normal worker from an appliance repair Calgary company was a talented artist? Looking at the guy, you would never think that. But let me tell you the art is truly amazing and would compliment any home. Sometimes you can’t even tell it’s a photo of a guy fixing an appliance because of the way the lines are curved and the colors are blended. I hope this story can inspire other workers out there to try it and see where it leads because day to day work rendered into groovy digital artwork is truly beautiful to behold.

Just to give you an idea of what the art can look like, look at the photo below. It looks somewhat like that but only more colorful and a bit more groovy, and of course features appliance parts and technician tools at work.

groovy art

I believe this technique could work for any line of work. Imagine how it would look for a zoo keeper’s work or a firefighter’s! It’s just amazing to know that it’s done and I believe it’s quite inspiring. If the paintings weren’t so expensive I would buy one. Maybe I’ll get one on Christmas if I behave.

To end this showcase I just want to briefly say one last time that many people don’t know how beautiful their jobs are. If we could only look at our everyday jobs from a different perspective then we could see the amazing beauty in them. So I want to say thank you to my Calgary friend for being an inspiration to us all, and keep up the good work!

Showcase #1: Refrigerators


For our new showcase series, starting Nov 2nd, 2019, we’ll be talking about refrigerators. In the future this showcase series will touch on everything from chairs, couches, washing machines, paintings, candle holders, etc, but today the topic is fridges.

The whole purpose of this showcase series is to talk about the object in ways people usually don’t talk about them. So today we’re going to talk about how a fridge can be a decorative piece in the home.

How Can a Fridge be a Decorative Piece?

To answer this, let’s start with a list of cool ways a fridge can be decorative and then conclude with a broad statement.

  1. If a fridge’s color matches the color of all your other appliances in the kitchen, then it could be considered stylish and add to the beauty of your home.
  2. If a fridge has magnets on it and you post drawings and post cards on it, then this could look very nice in the kitchen.
  3. Older vintage fridges can add a rustic feel to your kitchen, especially if it matches the rest of your kitchen.
  4. Simply deciding where to put a fridge in your home can have decorative consequences. For example, if you put a black mini fridge beside your black couch, and you have a black and white themed living room, this could look very nice.

Now to conclude, let’s ask the question “what could you do to your fridge to make it more decorative in the home?” Could you paint it? Put more magnets on it? Move it to a spot where it looks better? Maybe touch up the scratches on it. Heck, could you seen clean it’s exterior surface to make it more pretty?

After thinking about home refrigerators for a while now I have come to the conclusion that fridges are amazing not only because they provide a great function for the home but also because they are a decorative piece that compliments the environment of your household. Having a red fridge speaks volumes as opposed to having a white one, and it’s always possible to paint them any color you want. Just make sure you use the right kind of paint depending on the material your fridge is made out of.

This has been our first showcase, and we hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to stay tuned and read our update on plans for the future. Thanks for being here!