What to Expect in 2021 at the Avikar Furniture Blog

mundane foliage

Hello and welcome back. I hope your Christmas and New Year were fantastic. It’s Jan 4th now and I wanted to give everyone a little update on what to look forward to here on the Avikar Furniture Blog as we head deeper into 2021. The world is full of exciting things but no one stops to showcase the mundane. That’s where we come in, and we got a lot of new showcases planned for upcoming posts this year.

We thought about some things we could showcase that you see everyday but never stopped to think about. People have lived their whole lives and died without thinking for a single second about many thousands of tiny things we see every single day. Life won’t change dramatically if we pay attention to these things but choosing not to ignore them has made life fuller in my own experience.

So you can look forward to exploring the mundane with us this year, as mundane is our theme. By the end of 2021 our goal will be to prove that the mundane is only mundane because we don’t stop to explore it enough. Anything considered mundane can quickly become exciting and that’s what we’ll be doing for you this year as we develop our showcase series. So thanks for checking in and come back soon.