Showcase #6: Antique Home Appliance in Saskatoon SK

antique stove

Sent in to us by a reader, this amazing antique stove can still be found in use in Saskatoon SK, Canada. It’s amazing how such old technology can still be useful in the home. Not everyone would be willing to use a stove that is so old, but the family in Saskatoon who cooks with this stove is proud to preserve it, and they don’t plan to get rid of it and replace it with a newer stove any time soon. They plan to use this stove for as long as they can.

The reader who sent us this image also shared a little story that she wanted us to relay back to you.

A Little Story About this Antique Stove from Saskatoon

“Our vintage stove has been in the family for longer than I have! It cooks everything for the children and even turkeys on holidays. Without this stove in our home, our family would not be whole. We love this stove so much that with all the money we gave to Appliance Repair Saskatoon to get it fixed over the years, we could have bought a dozen brand new stoves! That’s how much we love it, and we won’t ever get rid of it until it burns the house down! Maybe not even after that.

A story that will explain why we love this stove so much might clarify things. Because we’re not crazy! Indeed, when my great grandma was celebrating Christmas with her husband, turkey from this stove is the last thing her husband ate before he went off to war. Sad news: he never returned from the war, and my grandma from then on called the stove Ralph, because that was her late husband’s name. Now, my family carries on that tradition, as we call the stove Ralph every morning when we make our breakfast!”

That was a lovely story and we’re honored to get to share it. We here at Avikar Furniture would not be surprised if this stove has a hundred other stories of its own to share. I wonder how many times it needed repair services over its lifetime.

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