Showcase #2: Dishwashers

dish washing machine

As someone who grew up washing dishes by hand for most of my life, I’ll never forget the day I bought my first dishwasher as an adult. Today I want to showcase dishwashers and discuss them in the topic of how much time they can save you over a lifetime and two special tricks you can remember to make sure they save you as much time as possible without unneeded hassle.

An electric dish washing machine in the family kitchen is a magical thing. They enable families to spend more time conversing at the table rather than washing and drying dishes busily at the sink. Growing up without a dishwasher meant I always had to leave the table early to wash dishes for my parents while they laughed and drank wine at the table behind me. I didn’t realize how unnecessary this was until I had a family of my own. Today it only takes a minute to plunk the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and the whole family gets to spend more precious moments together, seated side by side.

This is the beauty of the time that these electric machines can save you. But what’s a tip for making sure this magic stays efficient? My trick is simple, and it goes for every time-saving appliance in the home. To understand, ask yourself “what’s the point of having a dishwasher to save time if you have to wait weeks or even a month to get it fixed if it breaks?” The truth is, you might as well be washing dishes by hand anyways, because a broken dishwasher sitting in your kitchen for a month will take up precious space and as a decorator I know this space could be used for something awesome like a statue or grandfather clock.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to buy a dishwasher brand new from a trusted brand so it has the least chance of ever breaking down. Stores like Best Buy sell good quality dishwashers, but you can get them anywhere. Buying a used one will increase your chances of having to get it repaired in the future. Another tip is to have a close relationship with your local appliance repair company. Appliance repair is a common house service and I’ll be talking more about this in later posts, but for now just think about calling a company in advance, getting to know them and tell them that you’ll keep their number on your fridge in hope that they can repair your broken appliances as soon as possible if they ever break down. Being polite like this and letting them know who you are will make them more inclined to prioritize you. For showcase #1, I talked about refrigerators and the same advice works for those machines too.

Now knowing how to optimize all the time-saving capabilities of your kitchen appliances, how will you use all the time you save? This is a question only you can answer. I hope you have fun with it! Stay tuned for showcase #3! Bye for now!