Showcase #7: Funky Ceramic Teacups

funky crockery

I call this set of tea cups “funky” not only because of how their colors remind me of the 1970s but also because of how their overall design recalls my mind to the wonders of nature herself. With the plates shaped like leaves and the cups shaped like flowers it’s easy to imagine oneself in a fairy world when drinking tea from this set. I only wish I had an image of the tea pot that matches them.

I can think of a perfect kind of tea that could be drunk from these cups to make them even funkier but I won’t get into that and will just hope one of you knows what I’m talking about and will get a chuckle from it.

The downside of these funky teacups is that they don’t easily match any kitchen. They certainly wouldn’t look fitting if you used them while seated in these Indian chairs. They would look best in a kitchen that is also colorful and funky, recalling the mind to nature. Would you use cups like this in your home? I imagine not everyone would, and many people might cringe at the idea but I would use them! I love these cups and that’s why I decided to show them here. Hope they inspired you and added some color to your day!