Antique Appliances in Victoria BC: Mundane or Exciting?

antique appliances on vancouver island

At Avikar Furniture we believe one collector’s excitement is another collector’s mundane. With that said it’s no surprise that ambling through the cities of Vancouver Island in search of antique appliances might be incredibly boring to some people. To collector’s like me however I’ll stay in downtown Victoria BC in a hotel for a week just to visit the pawnshops, the garage sales, the auctions…. Oh boy, it’ll be great when garage sales are open again! Anyway, as you can tell, this isn’t mundane to me so let’s get right to it.

In September 2021 it might be possible for things to go back to normal in British Columbia as people no longer fear the coronavirus. For people like me who love to drive through BC and Vancouver Island at least once every decade to visit the grungy alleys, the colorful markets, the soap-makers, the DJs, the sports fields and fairs–ahhh!–to ultimately find a precious antique appliance… what was I saying. Oh yeah!

I always come home with an antique appliance whenever I visit BC. I once baked bread successfully in an oven from the 1930s that I bought at an auction in downtown Victoria BC back in the 80s and the party I had that night with all the real Canadian Christmas lights on Douglas St is one of the happiest memories of my life. Almost every morning I think about that day before I get out of bed and remind myself how awesome life is. I run downstairs and slap toast into the toaster I had repaired on a boat in Oak Bay one summer. I’m not kidding!

In fact, if we’re talking about antique appliances then I might as well tell you. I had used my buddies cell phone (back then cell phones were incredibly rare) to call in an appliance repair Victoria BC professional to come down to the docks and they repaired the toaster on our boat only after chatting for a few hours. Yup! That toaster was from the 60s and I still use it on Thanksgiving events to impress people older than me, but perhaps less sad. The guy I bought the toaster from ended up sailing with me up to Nanaimo and back. If you can tell me how many times we used that toaster during the trip I’ll give you $50 bucks!

Thanks for joining me on the hunt for antique appliances. Perhaps we can hunt together one day.